Artisan Disruption

This week while in Phoenix for a couple of stirring days thinking about equipping the church and living into our missional calling together I experienced artisan disruption.  The lads and I were heading to the second day of the gathering and decided to find some local coffee spot to fuel our morning. When the first stop was closed we rounded the corner into another shop that pushed against our attempts at constant efficiency.  Inside a small art gallery (which also had a hair salon) there was a coffee bar, with one barista doing more than just making drinks, he was making art. The guy had form, precision, and and exacting hand as he made each drink.  The line was out the door yet he carried on, unhurried, unhindered by demand. He was the artisan.  At first I felt out of place. After all I am the guy who drinks from carafes at Panera because I have a sip membership. So to be in a bespoke establishment pulled me out of my element to begin with. This is a discomfort I enjoy

The Scandal of Free Turtles

My son has/had a couple of turtles. Red-eared sliders who thankfully resided at my dear Aunt's place in town. In her spoiling of my children, somehow turtles were purchased and nurtured. We saw these turtles every week and they were very well taken care of.  Then my beloved Aunt decides to move to Arizona. The plan had long been that once we bought a house the turtles would reside with us in a pond of some sort on our property. But as the inevitable transition approached we balked and my Aunt set out to find a new home for Fred and Percy.  This brings us to our scandalous story.  My Aunt arranged for the turtles to live in a pond, in a gated community, in the back yard of a local dentist. We set out on Sunday to meet and send off the turtles to their new home. But as we arrived at the gate, the doctor was not answering her phone and we didn't know how to get in.  After some time someone drove in and our cars quickly followed through the open gate. Parking at the house the secon

What do I wait for?

“Now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in you. Rescue me from all my transgressions; do not make me the taunt of fools.” Psalm 39:7,8 Reminded that my life is a vapor and a stretch of time that is as nothing to my Creator. Yet, even so, he comes to rescue.  Oh the days I have prayed in lament, I have kept quiet around the wicked. Still he heard my prayers.  Jesus exclaims with his life, death, and resurrection that we are worth it. That our transgressions No longer rule the day. Life can be lived with joy and flourishing because he has rescued us.  What do I wait for?!

Pleasure in his way.

“A person’s steps are established by the LORD, and he takes pleasure in his way. Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the LORD supports him with his hand.” Psalm 37:23,24 A life of trust and direction. We want this life. Usually though we want to be the one trusted in and setting direction.  Every now and again however, the Lord grants us the view of reality we need to press on. It’s not all about us and he has us. The key is to find peace in this and run with it. Pleasure in our justification in Christ, free to flourish or fail, secure in him. Life not defined by other people’s opinion but ordered instead by Yahweh. I need this reminder. Every day. Maybe you do too. 

Smelly Church

Our small group had a game night and it was a blast. It is a joy to have such an amazing group of people as friends and to do ministry with. It is also really good to just play together every now and again.  But it was something that happened during one of our games that launched me into thinking about what people in the church hear, what they own, and why it matters.  It was Bible Taboo. Yes, the game Taboo (the buzzer had a dead battery) with biblical words. There really isn't anything sanctified about the game, you still try to get your team to guess a word by any means necessary without using the list of other words on the card.  The word on the card was "family." I quickly thought to myself... church values! Reservoir has for the last year or so communicated our key values as "Jesus. Family. Renewal." We are a people rescued by Jesus. Formed into family. For the renewal of others and all things. Pretty amazing, right?! So that's what I go with. "Wh