The Lies We Believe

The latest book from John Mark Comer is a strategic reminder for believers to be suspect of the lies we believe and an invitation into the finished work of Jesus, and the truth for all of life.  Any time the founding-pastor-turned-monastic-community-builder releases a book there is a certain segment of Christendom, the hip, coastal, artisan coffee segment, that kicks up the dust in excitement. And since I like to do ministry among some of this set I thought it wise to take up and read.  To be honest, I always approach Comer with sinful cynicism. Maybe 12 years ago now I heard a talk were he went hard against Calvinists, which I believe myself to be, so everything is grain-of-salt for me. Of course I don’t want people to judge me for things I said candidly a decade ago, but I want you to know how I approach Comer as an author! Another reason, perhaps related to the first, is in his works that I have read I have always felt like Jesus and his finished work for us was either assumed or ab

Finishing Galatians

“May every reader of this letter acknowledge the grace of Christ, the freedom of the gospel and the power of the Spirit. And may all of us attend to the circumstances in which God has placed us, so that our faith will indeed work through love in the lives of those around us.” Moises Silva on Galatians. Today at Reservoir Church we finished our series studying Galatians. It is a potent, gospel-packed epistle that brought us face-to-face with our own inclination to trust in things other than Jesus for salvation, identity, or peace. Through the study I even found myself having conversations and warning saints away from the exact issues the Apostle writes about. Throughout we were brought again and again to the cross and finished work of Jesus. Challenged away from idolatry and negating grace. Invited by the Spirit into the work of care for each other and our neighbors. What a savory letter it is, full of the mercy and grace of Christ. May it continue to transform us as a people for the gl

Deeper by Dane Ortlund

Only Christians living under a rock for the last year haven’t heard at least one person rave about the book Gentle and Lowly from Dane Ortlund. The book, tapping into the scholarship of the puritans, boldly proclaims the truth of Christ’s heart toward sinners and sufferers. As I told my small group it is a soul-warming book.  Where Gentle and Lowly gives us the basis of salvation and fuel for life, you might be looking to continue on, from Christ’s heart to how that helps you grow, how you become sanctified after being awakened to this love.  Ortlund has another volume that is a keen help in answering just those questions. Deeper, Real Change for Real Sinners is a short but wonderful book that suggests to grow we just go deeper into the truth of Christ’s heart and our union with him by faith.  I found this one a breeze to read. Broken into nine chapters beginning with Jesus and ending with the Spirit, Ortlund works through how the depths of the gospel work transformation in us as foll