Be Surrounded

This morning in our Theology Breakfast we ended the semester with Colossians 4. Our study of Colossians was a buffer of sorts, getting us from one book to another. But the time in this short book has been refreshing. In Paul's final words to the church at Colossae he sends greeting on behalf of those he is doing ministry with. Paul mentions 11 other people. All doing gospel work. All proclaiming Christ. These final words are not about Paul's great ministry (he actually asks for prayer that he might preach better) but instead about the others doing ministry with him.

Paul is surrounded by committed Christ followers all devoting their lives to spread the truth of the gospel and the hope of grace. We know Paul well by his legacy but a big part of that legacy is the way he discipled others to do his job.

This is a challenge for me as I strive to be surrounded by a every growing and evolving group of ministers just like Paul. For the record, I am no Paul - I am actually more like Archippus; the guy he tells to get to work. But to be surrounded by those committed to Christ and the spread of his truth is a purpose I have held close. Thankfully, the Lord has allowed me to be influenced by people this way in each context I have done ministry and it only begs the question as to how He might use this season of following and building to surround me with amazing gospel proclaimers.

Are you surrounded? Maybe you could start by finding those ministering in a way that entices you - or in a way that is completely foreign to you. Then follow Christ together and see what happens. For those of you in the Tri-Cities; will you make my list of fellow faithful ministers and servant to the Lord?


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