Generational Genocide

Stephen Marche has written and important piece in Esquire on the reality of a generational divide in our nation now centered on economics and to a polarizing extent to politics. The article is worth a read. Here are a few snipets.

" There is a young America and there is an old America, and they don't form a community of interest. One takes from the other. The federal government spends $480 billion on Medicare and $68 billion on education. Prescription drugs: $62 billion. Head Start: $8 billion. Across the board, the money flows not to helping the young grow up, but helping the old die comfortably..."

"Only 58 percent of Boomers have more than $25,000 put aside for retirement, so the rest will either starve or the government will have to pay for them. But the government's future ability to pay is decreasing rapidly precisely because the Boomers splurged so heavily during the Bush and Clinton years... "

"Nobody wants this. The Boomers did not set out to screw over their kids. The wind just seemed to blow them that way. But no matter what their motivations, a painful truth grows truer with every passing year: Through its refusal to act, the generation in power is willing to do what other generations before them would not — sell their children's birthright for a mess of their own pottage..."

It is a harsh reality but one as a nation we get to address. But before we slide into politics, let us think these things through from a church perspective. How are these same issues playing out in the church? How are we prioritizing appropriately or not?

How can the church change and be truly counter cultural when it comes to the generational divide?



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