Giving up the Bink

Stacy and I have decided that it is time for our two-year-old to lose the pacifier. She has only been allowed to have it a nap and bed time but it has been amazing to me to watch her grow out of the need for her "bink." She honestly knows nothing else. She has always had the bink to help her sleep and the first couple of nights were rough as she learned to sleep without it. But she is growing up and she doesn't "need" the bink anymore.

This morning during devotions I was wondering what things I have added to my faith that act as my bink. While some outside of the faith would claim that Christ is a pacifier, I would agree only he is not just a pacifier but my breathe, my food, my shelter -he is more than momentary comfort, he is everything. But there  are things we tend to use as "pacifiers," if we don't have them all is wrong in the world. It could be music style, Bible translation, just the right books, the right technology or the right people for us to be around and doing our faith with.

As I hear in my mind little Iona crying "I need my bink..." I can't help ponder what things I "need" for life that are simply not of value or worth maintaining. Maybe I need to recognize areas where I should grow up a bit.


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