You’ve been taken for a ride by your elders...

I know a number of you clicked through to read this because you think I am bashing some church elders (how sad that you would do that) but in actuality it is a quote from Matt Miller's Washington Post piece on the generational divide.

"...younger Americans. You’re in big trouble. You don’t even know it. You’re busy trying to get a degree, land a job, start a family, save for a home. You don’t follow the news. But trust me — you’ve been taken for a ride by your elders.

The question isn’t whether such talk will stir up generational war. That’s already being waged — and you’re losing. The question is whether you’ll wake up and engage in a little generational self-defense."

Miller goes on to show the reality of an America that is in far worse shape than the one the generation before inherited. There are some goods points and his perspective is not simply the age-old tension between generations, this is a real problem that boomers are too comfortable in their excess to realize (but maybe that is my generational perspective...)

Miller's article raises questions for me though about the health of the church the next generation is inheriting. Are the systems broken? Are the definitions of success out dated? Some in the world of Christianity have been tackling these issues well and I think we need more work still to bring it to your neighborhood church's level.

Read the piece here and then pray how we might do better by the next generation in the church.


HT: Ben Brophy without whom I would be a worse person.


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