After a three-month preaching sabbatical of sorts it was nice to open scripture at the ABIDE Assemble last night. We are launching into a series called "The Fourth Gospel" where we will spend the rest of the year working through the Gospel of John. In the sermon and in the discussion that followed we spent a lot fo time wrestling with the tension of disbelief. We have encountered an amazing, powerful God yet we are prone to allow our belief to "slip" and wane.

This often happens when we are faced with life's hard situations and pain. We take broadly held but often wrong views of God and assume nothing bad should happen. That every day should be a Friday. But that is not where our hope is found. Our hope - what gives us strength and belief to endure hardship and the realities of living in a broken world is that we are "children of God" because of what Christ has done for us.

When life gives us lemons we swallow hard because we know that somehow, these lemons are for God's glory and our good. We can trust in his sovereignty and plan.

Some times this is better said in song.


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