We don't need better slogans we need to better understand grace

Admit it, you, like me have wasted entirely too much time thinking of new acronyms and poster ideas that will launch us into holiness. And all that we have achieved is lame preaching on being "better" and trying harder and the realization that we fail time and time again. We don't get grace.

Matt Chandler is staring this problem in the face and calling it out.

"The problem as I perceive it as a Pastor is that most of those who claim to know and love God want to see sin lose its power in their lives and walk in greater intimacy with Christ; most are exhausted and have been trying to mortify sin by promises and threats rather than through the weapons grace provides. By "promises" I mean they believe that they will have life to the “full” and get a great house in heaven if they behave in this manner or that manner..."

"Another very popular sport... is fighting residual sin with our own vows and resolution—these become our defense.  In the end, you are simply pitting sin against sin and in that scenario you lose.  We fight sin and grow in godliness by using the weapons grace provides."

Chandler goes on to describe three grace weapons: Scripture, the Blood of Christ and the Promises of the Covenant. Read his whole post here.

Keep up the "Grace Driven Effort" just don't get the effort confused with the source of grace. Talk less about what you do, talk more about what Jesus has done, live in response accordingly.


  1. awesome..... !

    most of us Christians today, have a different understanding of grace.
    probably because, it was not preach to us or that the preacher himself does not understand grace.

    what I love about the grace of God, is that even in our dumbness to grasp grace, God still does supply His grace to us.

    but those who are understand grace, are those few who have experienced its power here on earth.

    for grace is not an "It". Grace is a person, Jesus. He is The Way, The Truth, The Life and The Truth. Jesus is Grace and Truth Himself. amen!

    - grace and peace


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