In the Middle of Nowhere...

Last week I had the privilege of visiting one of our partner church in John Day, Oregon. Cornerstone Christian Fellowship is a church of around 100 people faithfully pursuing Christ in the middle of nowhere... I mean Eastern Oregon! The little town of 1800 (fewer people than are at Bethel on a Sunday) has close to 17% unemployment and it's share of timber history. And like any community - it is ripe for the truth of the gospel!

My friends at Cornerstone are doing church without significant resources or thousands of people to send on mission but they are making a difference in the community and making much of Jesus.

I was refreshed to be with Levi and his elders, Don and Andy. These are great men sacrificing much because they have gained much in their savior. It was a challenge to me in my comfort and laziness - the things I let distract me are not even on their radar.

Cornerstone is truly a gospel outpost and we are blessed to call them partners.


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