Shared Purpose

Last week we had the honor of hosting my friend Heather Zempel at our leadership event. Heather is Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC where Stacy and I attended before we moved West.

I have reviewed her book here already but Heather's talk on the messiness of community was spot on and enriched the lives of our leaders. I appreciate Heather's humor and her challenge to us as Christians to never shy away from the "mess" we humans are prone to make.

Heather and I usually hang out with people on opposite ends of theological camps but I believe our purpose is the same - to see lives transformed by Jesus. The best compliment I received from the event was when one of my key leaders said "I see why you brought her here, she sees the gospel as central to our lived like you do." I pray that remains true!

If you are looking for someone to challenge you assumptions and point you in the direction of following Christ, book Heather Zempel.


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