Better your preach

Mark Driscoll has given some clues on how to improve your preaching and I think his points are beneficial. Read the whole post here.

Some of the keys for me are:

"A great sense of humor, an engaging personality, or the ability to tell a great story is not enough to make you a lifelong Bible teacher or able to grow people in the truth of God. You have to work hard at being a repentant, growing Christian, a devoted Bible student, a prepared teacher, etc. Work hard to find a way that works for you. All of this is by God’s empowering grace..."

"Invite people to come and speak to you. Stick around for a while. Early on, this time was a huge gift. When people have follow-up questions, they are helping you learn what you missed in your sermon. When lost people want to talk about the message, they are helping you learn to do evangelism. When people are confused, they are helping you learn how to communicate more clearly. When people need prayer, they are helping you learn to love well. When people criticize you, they are helping you grow in humility. When people praise you, they are helping you stay encouraged."


"Don’t try and preach like your favorite preacher. Be you. Be a sanctified, growing version of you, who is becoming more like Jesus."

Good stuff. But I what I appreciate most is Mark's assessment of himself; "I do not think I am the world’s greatest preacher, I know I still have a lot to learn, and I am my own worst critic. So I always feel odd talking about preaching, as I fear giving the impression that I’m someone who has arrived. Honestly, I’m with you on the path of figuring it out." This is humility we can all learn from.


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