So this was 2012...

It has been a busy but good year. I am spending the second New Year in the Tri-Cities and am blessed with a wonderful family and church community. Here are some of the highlights of the year...

August 28 - My first son, Ewen Miles, was born. Now 4 months old, he is a smiling charming that needs to learn to sleep!

Good books read this year: Creature of the Word - about having a "Jesus-centered" church. The book was challenging and encouraging. Dangerous Calling - about the pastoral life. This was scary and hopeful.

October 7 - Stacy and I celebrated five years of marriage. She is the woman of my dreams and a great partner for life.

Our church hosted Heather Zempel for a leadership event in October. It was amazing.

May - I officiated my first wedding. It was a blessing to see Ben and Marion get hitched.

December 15 - my princess, Iona, turned 3. She is a pistol and I love every bit of her.

I added a few credits to my work toward a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.

We changed the name of the young adults ministry to ABIDE.

December 21 - the world did not end but I turned 35.

There was so much more that happened but I am thinking too much about my day off tomorrow to remember anything else, so Happy New Year and here is to a crazy good


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