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This last week I had the honor of sitting in on a discussion on pastoral succession and how best to go about the process. Now those of you that attend church with me have nothing to worry about - our pastor has a good ten years left in him! But as good leaders, our elders are starting to have conversation to strategically think about transition. A senior leader from another organization was invited to share his experience.

One piece of the conversation centered on raising up leaders or hiring outsiders. I tend to prefer raising up from within and it goes along with a orientation toward mentoring. I always want to be investing in people that can start their own ministries or do the work that I am currently doing. The Lord in his sovereignty will use me how he uses me and I have nothing to worry about when it comes to self preservation - I should never fear bringing others along and up.

Then I stumbled on this blog post calling for more homegrown leaders. "Many churches will benefit by training and equipping local, homegrown leaders who have specific, lifelong knowledge of their context. What are some things to consider when empowering these homegrown leaders?"

I was hired from outside, but I prefer raising up leaders... what do you think a church should do?


  1. Having worked at a church for 13 years now, I have observed both the hiring from outside and recently (the last 5 hirers) from within. Those who were trained up here seem to have their heart set here. They already have relationships built meaning a solid support system and they have already developed a caring for the people of the congregation. And they don't have to deal with things like re-ajusting children to new schools, selling previous homes, finding new ones, etc.
    Until a church disciples new leaders, they might have to hire outside, but when a church has a healthy discipleship going on, I've truly seen the benefit of hiring within.


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