The role of pastor is as reminder

"Therefore I intend always to remind you of these qualities, though you know them and are established in the truth that you have. I think it right, as long as I am in the body, to stir you up by way of reminder, since I know that the putting off of my body will be soon, as our Lord Jesus Christ made clear to me. And I will make every effort so that after my departure you may be able at any time to recall these things." 2 Peter 1:12-15

The writers of the New Testament had it right. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit could do nothing but remind those they were writing to of the truth of the gospel - of Christ's work and the advancement of the Kingdom. In order to validate our existence as teachers of the word however we mine the texts for something unique and our corrupt flesh gravitates toward the practical and often we end up with moralism not Christ-centered awe.

We, like Peter, must determine to be relentless reminders of the truth of the gospel. Peter knows his church understand and embrace the truths but he keeps reminding them lest they wander. I am prone to wandering. I need to be reminded and nothing is greater proof to me that I should be reminding those I lead. To stir them up by way of reminder.

This is a wonderful calling. And each of us, whether pastor or file clerk at the local library, are called to remind each other of the gospel.


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