The Work You Gave Me

Christ's work was underway and he was nearing that moment of "it is finished" on the cross. But before this he prays for his followers. He prays for unity among them. He prays for the Father to be glorified. He sets the tone for ministry to come.

And this is how he begins his prayer:

"I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do." John 17:4

Now clearly Jesus is the One perfectly capable of accomplishing the work that he was given and he did it fully to God's glory. But what might this say to us. First have we recognized the work we have been given and second, are we accomplishing it through the empowerment of Christ?

God has a perfect plan for the unfolding of time and the things that will shape our lives. As we are living, we are in the midst of this plan and are carrying out what we have been destined to do. But do we recognize this? If we step back and embrace the idea that we are called to something (even if it seems mundane and nothing special) should that truth not excite us and give us passion about living with abandon? I spend far too much time convincing myself that I am clearly "called" to something else. But in reality I am called to what I am doing now in its perfect tension. This realization should motivate me to live it up, to accomplish what is set before me for God's glory and my joy.

Next I have to embrace the truth that I can't drive my own passion for God's glory. I need to live in constant request that the Holy Spirit would train my heart to see God's glory and drive me to glorify him. The amazing thing is that I trust he will empower me to that end and because he finished his work I am blessed.

With a heart tuned to glorify God I hope to one day faithfully say the same words before God's throne with a little twist... "Because Christ glorified you and finished his work and the Spirit has empowered me, I have accomplished the work given to me..."


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