Aaron Youngren is doing a series on his blog about discipleship and meeting in groups for gospel accountability. Today he share his "spurs," the guys he meets with every week to lovingly slap around and seek Jesus together. I thought it was a great read.

He write how these types or relationships are not easy. "It takes work, though. It takes practice. An appetite for spurring is something you cultivate. At first, it feels about as natural as riding around on a unicycle with your pants on fire. Conversations are awkward. Confessions go only half-way. You know you’re there to talk about what you don’t want to talk about, but the trouble is, you really don’t want to talk about it. So there’s a lot of hemming, and hawing, and long, drawn out, awkward pauses, until someone finally gets fed up and says something like, “If I was your wife I’d have smashed your nose with a toaster three weeks ago.”'

And the reality of our world; "Only when truth and love meet can we find real friendship. We’ve all had a know-it-all or two in our lives — those folks that form the demand that drove Facebook to develop an “unfriend” feature. And we’ve all known a few people who are smiles and well-wishing when we’re around, but secretly storing up barrels of resentment when we’re not, because they can’t bring themselves to confront us when we’ve done something they’re offended by."

Why have these types of groups? "Truth. Love. Rebuke. Encouragement. Challenge. Prayer. Praise. This is the stuff of real brotherhood. This is the stuff of a life worth living.:

Read his article here.


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