What you might learn from a pastoral mentor

I am grateful that I am surrounded by wisdom and ministry experience and often get the opportunity to challenge assumptions and hear the opinions of those more mature than me (yes even at 35 I have not reached maturity). And while I have a great relationship with my supervisor and other members of the church's leadership team, I don't yet have a pastoral mentor that I am investing time to learn from and know (except those that have taught me in seminary or through books!)

Chris Castaldo however has and he has written about three key things that he has learned from that relationship. R. Kent Hughes has been his boss and mentor and from him he learned to:

1. Take Time to Listen. Hughes would ask him about his work and for his expertise. I think any member of a team would feel valued if we take time to listen to them. I am learning to do this with those I am discipling and seeking advising from in ministry. I prefer to dole out order but perhaps more would be done with passion if I listened better.

2. Allow Others to Take Risks. Generally this means we say no less. We let those we are mentoring or leading learn and risk some things. It might get messy but that it life.

3. Invest in Relationships. This is a big one. I know we are all super busy and have a ton of tasks to handle but we must be investing in relationships with the people we are ministering with. It is as easy as the occasional dinner and as messy as invited them to live with you. But be relational and truly get to know your people.

Read Castaldo's post and see how his mentor lived this out.


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