Today is Good.

This Friday is Good. It is good and holy because it represents the day that Jesus Christ was convicted and put to death some 2000 years ago. This was God, come as a man, to proclaim the kingdom of his reign and heal brokenness. Perhaps most importantly, his sacrifice on the cross served as a lasting and final atonement for the sins of humanity, specifically and personally for those he has chosen to know him.

This moment - when the words "it is finished" were spoken from the lips of Jesus - changed everything. Hope was truly ignited on this day. Those that believe in Christ live for and with the hope or our eternal reward of dwelling with Jesus. In perfect peace, without pain and sin and death. We don't do it perfectly, we never could, but we should live to share the grace that has been granted to us from this good day to our days.

Because today is Good; because the first Good Friday was a holy day, each day for us in Christ is now good. They might be hard and at times painful. We may be assaulted by the reality of brokenness and sin when we walk through the streets of darkness. We may suffer under the weight of our culture and standing for what is right. But in all of it, it will be good. And we trust in the hope that Christ has granted us. Today is good.

Be blessed on this good day.


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