Churches Planting Churches

We often talk of making disciples that make disciples. We can model this at a corporate level by growth out of our churches. This is churches planting churches. I think it is a real indicator of church health actually. The more effective you are at sending others out to proclaim the gospel, the more likely you are not so inwardly obsessed that all you care about is building a mini kingdom for yourself. It is not a perfect indicator but I personally think it is an important one.

Just up the road from where I call home, West Side Church in Yakima is living this idea out. They have planted 3 churches in the last ten years and just had a commissioning service for the newest church plant. In the video below, Rick Harpel, Lead Pastor, let's us in on why they plant and the importance of partnership. It is worth the watch and it should encourage you that churches are planting churches.



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