Craving your grandfather's church

There is a thoughtful piece on Internet Monk from Chaplain Mike about desiring an "adult" church. He expresses some good points. This paragraph stuck out to me:

"I’m done with an approach to the faith that flies by the seat of its pants and calls it “spiritual.” Gatherings that feel like pep rallies, youth conventions, or pop concerts hold no appeal. I need to be humbled, not enthused; to know my place in a diverse, multi-generational community of ordinary people who are learning to “walk and not faint,” nourished by spiritual leaders and institutions that have gravitas and maturity."

Of course he doesn't desire to hear a hipster that preachers from an iPad (I am not a hipster but I like my notes on an ipad) but I think Chaplain Mike grabs onto a restlessness in our culture looking for "lasting" not "current." How can we marry both dimensions and be faithful to the gospel? That is our call. We will make mistakes and be easily labeled as "missing the point" but let's determine to lean into grace and share it in a lasting and rich way.

Read the whole post here.


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