Generational Workforce

I am part of Generation X so often I feel left out in the discussions about the difference between the Boomer generation and Millennials. But I will survive. There is good news, these two generations can work well together and might even make up your next dream team. Behance has an article on the subject worth a read.

Key is the characteristics of each generation:

"At the core of the Millennial energy is potential.

  • Relatively fresh, especially in the working world. Millennials haven’t had time to learn what doesn’t work – their brains aren’t wired yet.

  • Able to work incredibly hard when they are motivated to do so. Intense focus, long hours, across a range of task domains.

  • Intuitively understand technology – they are “digital natives.”

  • Want to see the world become a better place for themselves and their future families.

  • Want mentors who can guide them and explain what mistakes to avoid to maximize their progress and contribution.

At the core of Boomer energy is experience.

  • Spent decades learning, their brains are wired now for what works.

  • Intangible wisdom that comes from decades of forming and living through relationships, projects, and experiences.

  • Tend to have an uneven relationship with technology, how it works, and what is possible.

  • Want to see the world become a better place for their kids and grandkids.

  • Want to feel like they have a direct and tangible way to give back and pass along the things they've learned."

Lets work to strengthen our teams to best utilize both. Read the rest of the article here.


HT: Matt McComas


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