Get to church early?

I am a young adults pastor. Nothing I do starts on time. It isn't me. I swear. But no one shows up on time. I used to complain but that was not effective. But a blog post has me thinking through encouraging being early.

Joe Thorn has some good words about getting to church early because there is time to build community and experience the whole of a service rather than miss some important intentional parts. Joe says, "you should be careful to get there on time because the beginning of the worship gathering is not a throw-away of announcements (which you should pay attention to anyway). Rather, at least in our case, the beginning of our corporate worship is thoughtfully put together with the aim of directing our thoughts toward God. From the opening Scripture to the closing benediction every piece of the liturgy is a piece to a puzzle that, when assembled, gives us all a fuller picture of the gospel."

He finishes his post with "So, get to church early, and eager. Who knows what God is going to do in your heart this Sunday?!" I will add "Thursday" to that as well!

Read the post here.




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