The events in Boston yesterday are sad and remind us of the brokenness of our world, even close to home. Tim Meier was running the marathon and has shared his thoughts on Unitive. His key thoughts hit home:

"I want justice.  But, I also know that just punishing these people, while the right thing to do, won’t end a culture of violence or hateful evil. Ending the cycle can start in many places, but it mostly starts with us.  But, this is also why having the knowledge that one day Jesus will come and right all of this is so comforting.  I long for that day.

"We also respond by realizing, like after every tragedy that there is much more to life than our silly preoccupations and concerns.  My marathon running is a fun hobby, but it’s easy to make it more than that.  But, like my friend Chris told me earlier, if we would have run our personal best, this day wouldn’t be remembered for that.  All of it is secondary."

Read the post here. Reflect. Live.


Photo: The Unitive


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