Understand an extrovert

There has been a lot of chatter lately that has seemed freeing to the introverts among us. As if they finally had a voice since they never use theirs... But as an extrovert I felt left out (imagine that) and I am excited to see some balance on Everyday Theology. Matt Mikalatos, a funny and worthwhile author (who happens to be married to a woman that is very wise - she is grading a paper of mine this week...), fills us all in on the life of an extrovert and he gives the extrovert some advice. It is worth a read no matter what you personality.

"Empty streets creep me out. I prefer crowds. I try to get to know my servers at restaurants. I’ll sit by you in the movie theater even if I don’t know you, even if we’re the only two people there. I schedule a half hour for leaving my office, because I like to go around and say goodbye to each person. Most days, my “alone time” is in the bathroom, and if someone wants to stand outside the door and talk to me, I would welcome that...I’m an extrovert."

But extroverts are not all fun and games and Mikalatos points that out. He also has some advice for the extroverts among us that I find helpful.

"1. Think with your mouth closed. 2. Be patient and wait for an answer. & 3. Develop a discipline of solitude and silence."

It is a profitable piece. Read it and then come to me and talk about it!


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