Mother's Day and the Gospel

Sally Lloyd-Jones it an amazing author that is helping children and adults alike realize the truth of Christ and she has written a piece about Mother's Day that is worth a read. She speaks of the reality of the holiday and how it is hard to give and accept gifts and praise. "We live in a sin-cursed world and no matter how much we try to honor someone we love, it always seems to come out wrong. We can give the sweetest presents with the best intentions but still . . . it just never turns out like we hoped it would." She also gives a fair assessment of how people really feel on the day.

But what is most profitable for all of us is Lloyd-Jones' frank words of an appropriate view in the midst of the holiday.

"The source of true happiness is not found in being praised or anything we have ever done. True happiness is found in dying to ourselves and celebrating what Christ has already done for us."

"True happiness is here: It is found in Jesus’ work. The best gift any woman (or man) has ever received was given on another Mother’s Day: this one was 2,000 years ago in a borrowed feeding trough when God was born and nursed at a young mother’s breast. It continued to be given some 30 years later when that perfect Son of Man was nailed to a tree and his Father turned away from him while his mother wept. No Hallmark cards or saccharine sentimentality for Jesus. Nothing. Just blood and despair and an anguished “It is finished” for us."

Read the whole thing for yourself and revel in Jesus' work.


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