On Our Side

Our music team shared their new original song this week at our Richland campus and I thought it was worth sharing. I am so impressed with the team that our music director, Keith Cookson, has assembled and this song is rich and true. Colin and Allan get credit for writing this one though!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/68082626]

A world that’s full of trouble, your spirit still alive. On streets with fallen ruble, in dust you still reside.

Verse 2

Though earthly kingdoms crumble, You sit upon your throne. You reign though strife and struggle, For you are God alone.


Your love is all we need, God of everything Your on our side. Age to age you never fade, Your on our side.

Verse 3

For all the lost and lonely, Your voice the sound of peace. You call us sons and daughters, Our hearts are all you seek.


You're there in the darkness, Your brighter then the sun. You love our shield forever, Hope for everyone.


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