Never Satisfied with My Progress

"May I live by thee, live for thee, never be satisfied with my Christian progress but I resemble Christ." Valley of Vision

I often talk of how my heart breaks when Christians "miss" the gospel. Sure they understand how Jesus worked to save them but as if a switch turned on, it is now their job to persevere or work to stay righteous. But at the same time that my heart is torn for those who miss the permanent and ongoing work of Christ, my heart needs to break for my inability to grasp the gospel. I am far too arrogant and pleased with my own ability to "get it" and in that I don't get it.

My best is but rags. Even when I make seemingly great strides toward obedience I fall so far short of holiness. When I am satisfied in my progress, I don't need a savior. I do take joy in pursuing Jesus and attempting to live for him, but the moments when I think of myself more than I ought, I miss his work and his progress in my heart. Even the realization that I am far too satisfied with myself gives me hope because I recognize my need for more of Jesus.

The desire I proclaim and hold dear is to be obedient to Christ fully and only motivated by his love for me, not my ability to boot-strap my own sanctification. My progress leaves me restless, Christ's work gives me rest. Might we all lack satisfaction in our own progress until that day when through Christ's work alone we are further sanctified, and ultimately glorified to be like him.


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