What do we know of Holy?

We are prone to attempt to live the Christian walk under our own power or motivation but we miss out on the source of our hope when we do that. In fact, when we grow in grace our knowledge of our sinfulness increases and our understanding of God's holiness increases. We recognize the separation between the two with more weight and sincerity. The thing that bridges the two? The cross of Christ. It is our center and only solution, motivation and hope.

A mature Christian in our church recounted to me his own awakening from the routine of Christian works to the depth of God's holiness and his desire for the Holy Spirit to move in his life and the lives of those around him. One tool the Spirit used to challenge his assumptions was the song "What do I know of holy?" May it challenge and bless you as well.



  1. Jonathan, thanks for sharing that song. For me one of the most significant passages of Scripture that helped me understand the holiness of God and my position before God is Isaiah chapter 6 when Isaiah has the vision of the Lord sitting on the throne with the seraphim around him crying out "holy, holy, holy". Isaiah's response was "woe is me"! Then the seraphim grabbed the coal and touched his lips signifying his forgiveness after which Isaiah was ready to serve the Lord!


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