All my jewels I give

"All my jewels I give to the shadow of the safety that is in thee - my name anew in Christ, my body, soul, talents, character, my success, wife, children, friends, work, my present, my future, my end. Take them, they are thine, and I am thine, now and for ever." - Valley of Vision "Refuge"

I am surrounded by stuff. The stuff of life. Books, technology, vehicles, houses, phones, gadgets, furniture, work, tasks, dishes to clean, dishes to dirty, television, music, instruments, dreams, aspirations, expectations... and so much more. At times it can all be quite oppressive as if we are lorded over by the stuff. It is a clever ploy. Care for the stuff so you will lose love or passion for the One thing that fulfills, that completes, that makes all the stuff unimportant or at the least tools for something else. This is what I want to give up to gain the One. I want my heart completely changed so that stuff has no place in it other than to serve the true King, Jesus. This is not asceticism or even minimalism. This is not removal of all things but a reorienting of all things. This is pursuit of a savior that is all. To be completely surrendered. "Anew in Christ." 

"Take my life, take all that I am. With all that I am I will love you. Take my heart, take all that I have. Jesus I will adore you."



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