The Generational Church

There is a lot of talk of millennials and the church this week with a slew of articles naming the reasons why young people leave or choose a church. Here is one. Another and Another. But Joe Thorn gives an account of his church and the reason people are giving him for being part of the church. It is a post worth your time if it sparks for you a desire for community, real community.

"Actually, we ask everyone who wants to join Redeemer, "Why this church?" Over the years the answers have been very consistent. "The people here are amazing, and Jesus is the focus." or  "The community in the church is very strong, and we love the focus on the gospel." In my experience the millennials who have found a home at Redeemer are not interested in a Sunday spectacle, but a church. They want truth, even when it's hard. They want to know and be known by others, even when it's hard. They want the care and protection the church offers her people, and they want to contribute."

This church is focused on the right things and seeing growth. We should all be about this focus and community.

Read Joe's post here.


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