The Pastor's Justification

Last week I finished The Pastor's Justification by Jared Wilson and quickly ordered a bunch of copies to send to friends. While most readers know that I am a big Wilson fan, rather than slather on praise from a groupie I thought I would pass on a review by someone a bit more respected.

Zach Eswine has his own story of pastoral ministry and pursuing Jesus and he commends this new book to us. Of The Pastor's Justification Eswine says:

"When I finished the last sentences of Jared Wilson’s book, I took off my reading glasses and rested the paperback on my lap. These four words then looked at me with invitation: “Recover your first love.” Behind the words was the lover himself, Jesus. I was smitten again and grateful. Attention to the loveliness of Jesus describes the strength of this book...

"To set Jesus in front of us again in our pastoral vocation, Wilson first takes us back to Scripture by helpfully meditating at length on 1 Peter 5:1-11. Then he fleshes out what the five solas of the Reformation reveal to us about our pastoral task in Christ. He understands well the demands of pastoral work, revealed by his of use personal stories, the Bible, history, and quotes from Eugene Peterson, C. S. Lewis, and Dietrich Bonheoffer. He invites us at every turn to the person and promises of Jesus as the true and saving measure for our lives and ministries...

"Pastors, this book is a quick read. But it points you to something deep and lasting. Wilson aims to see you refreshed, refocused, and replenished by helping you meditate again on your first love..."

Read the whole review here.


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