Two Years

In the busyness of the last few days I did not get a chance to commemorate my two-year anniversary in ministry at Bethel Church in Richland, WA. It has been a great couple of years as I have been part of an amazing team committed to the glory of Christ and the growth of His disciples.

While I have been mentored, led large ministry events and services, learned the art of setting up chairs, coached great small group leaders and written curriculum, the part of my job that most motivates and moves me is the young adults that I lead.

These men and women have determined to pursue Jesus above all else, or in the very least wrestle with the idea of doing so. They face difficult life situations, relationships and the wild unknown of the future but they live for the gospel and I am so grateful that I am allowed to be among them. God is building a ministry that is not about a personality but a savior and I am humbled by that truth more and more.

Two years under the belt and more to come.


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