This week I participated in a prayer summit with other pastors in our church association CBNW. During one session I got to pray with George. We sate next to each other during the first half of the summit and George would often lead us men in signing hymns to our savior. As we prepared to prayer for one another we gave our stories and I was blessed at George's longevity in ministry.

In 1957 George graduated from Western Seminary (where I will graduate in the spring) and by 1962 he had planted a little church in the Columbia gorge where he still pastors today. 51 years. Read that again... George has pastored a small congregation in a small Oregon town for fifty-one years. Along the way George was a school teacher and while he retired from teaching over twenty years ago, his passionate for the pulpit hasn't ceased.

George is never going to be on a conference speakers line up or well-known for his theological acumen and church influence. But I think the Father is blessed by George's longevity and service to the church, to the proclamation of the gospel and the care of people.

I often say that I would like to find the place where I can pastor for thirty years... that is nothing compared to my friend George. If only we all could be known for our longevity in pursuit of Jesus!


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