All I Want

Today I turn 36. Not a major milestone but another year under my belt (the belt is getting tighter by the way). This next year, more than ever, all I want is Jesus. This might be a good year for you to have the same desire...

"Humble King, Holy One, Friend of sinners, God's own Son, God in flesh, Among men, You walked my road, You understand.

"Servant King, Friend to me, You saved my soul, Washed my feet, Here I'll bow, Give all to You, Lord I want, To be like You.

"All I want, All I need, More of You, Less of me, Take this life, Lord it's Yours, Have my heart, Have it all.

"I will walk, In Your ways, Love Your word, Seek Your face, My reward, My sole pursuit, To know You more, To be like You.

"Jesus Jesus, All I want is to be like You."


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