Growth for Growth Sake

Chad Hall has years of experience coaching church leaders and often he has interacted on the issue of church growth and size of a church. Today he has a post on the Transformed blog on five reminders when thinking through growth.

Here is his list of five things:  Growth is not the only good. Evangelism may be a mask for egoism. Pegging your sense of worth to attendance will drive you nuts. Growth solves nothing. And the litmus test for truth is not growth.

Chad unpacks each point and I urge you to read the post if you are part of a church that desires growth. The words of challenge to me are his closing thoughts:

"My experience with wise church leaders is that they reluctantly embrace growth when it comes, but they do not chase it, they do not fixate on it, and they do not use it as an indicator of anything in any short-term way.  They do look at long-term trends to help identify obstacles to effective ministry, and they certainly celebrate the stories of people who experience gospel-centered transformation.  For the most part, wise church leaders focus on actual people and celebrate names way more than numbers."

Let's celebrate names more than number as we glorify Jesus.


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