I feel for "worship" leaders

Before I get into it... know that all elements of the church are worship. Not just our singing songs, but the open of the word and proclamation of Christ, and the community of believers is all worship. That being said, when I say worship leader in the rest of this post I mean the guy or gal that leads us in song.

I have seen it far too much and it has left me frustrated this morning. A church wants to have a younger vibe so the "logical" choice for them is to bring in a young worship leader. Someone to bring the cutting edge to the church so it can stay vibrant and flourish attracting more young people. At the same time, the preaching pastor stays the same and the leadership of the church gets increasingly agitated that these whipper snappers want so much change. To me it is more comical but in reality it is dishonoring those devoting to leading the church in musical worship.

Having witnessed a few "older" guys passed over for a younger "hipper" leader I am amazing at the faithfulness of these men to continue to serve the church in season and out. What we actually need on our platforms is that humility and faithfulness no matter the age.

A better way must be greater generational diversity at all level of church involvement and leadership. Elder boards made up of sixty-year-old and thirty-somethings. Music teams from fifteen to eighty. Small groups with a full age spectrum and a church fully embracing each other as they pursue Christ at all stages of life. Pipe dream or the biblical call of community?

Let's stop putting so much on the worship leader and take the risk of hiring an old guy for the gig!


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