Pastors caring for pastors

I enjoy the opportunities I have to interact with and encourage other pastors. One of my roles at our church is to serve other evangelical pastors and churches and I am on the board of our church association. There is so much pastors can sharpen each other on and ways we can encourage each other that those outside of vocation ministry can not. That being said... it is rare to find pastors willing to pour into each other.

Certainly the first priority of the pastor is to care for the flock entrusted to him and I understand that busy schedules can get in the way of building relationships, but most often this is not the reason we avoid each other. In the years I have interacted with other pastors I most often recognize insecurity and territorialism as the reasons there is no relationship. Sadly, this reality has a greater impact on the local church these men lead as they do not raise up new leaders but it also robs the kingdom of church unity.

"...insecurity and territorialism as the reasons there is no relationship..."

John Pond has some good cues for pastors on the Gospel Coalition. While his point is older pastors interacting with younger, I think his suggestions are useful for all pastor and really anyone looking to build a relationship.

Pond says we must be listeners; we should reflect on our similar experience; be careful to not make assumption about one another; and we must pray for each other.

I commend the whole post to you. Now go and build some relationships!


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