Pastoral Weakness

Confession time: While our culture tells us that those leading church need to at least appear to have it all together; I am a weak pastor. I am ill-equipped to shepherd those the Lord has given me charge of. I often think I am too broken to preach Christ. I suffer poorly. Let's be honest, it doesn't matter that I am a pastor. I am human. So are you. We suffer. We mess up. We still sin. But the glory of the gospel is that we are united with Christ and he is most glorified by our weakness because in it, he is strong. We suffer as people with promise.

Jared Wilson preached this week at the Desiring God Pastor's conference and it is an encouragement.


Lean into Jesus. He is our eternal strength. No matter how weak we are.

Jared will also be at the Annual Enrichment Conference for CBNW in March. You should come.


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