The Influence of a Small Church

Bigger is better. Right? When it comes to church size shouldn't our goal be a bigger body? I mean after all, how can we impact the community if our church is not big? Hogwash.

I have been so encouraged to hear of stories from smaller churches proclaiming the gospel and serving their communities well. And it seems like they often have more influence or success in serving then bigger churches. So what gives and should we care?

Sadly, for many churches the pursuit and focus has been geared toward numeric growth at all costs. These churches may do service for their community - after all they typically have the money to do so - but it is usually as an add-on and not a central part of the ministry.

Justin Lathrop thinks small churches and he provides a couple of suggestions when defining the priorities of the church. And these are not just for the smaller churches, big churches can learn from this too.

"1. Know who you are and what you’re about"

Stop acting like or mimicking the work of a big church. Be the church that you are and be about those things.

"2. Serve your community" 

This is where the church is simply a good citizen within its community. Engage public leaders and actually assist where there is need and be fervent in prayer for your city.

Simple and straight forward. "You’d be hard pressed, in my opinion, to find a church who is doing these things and not growing. The smallest church can make the biggest difference."

Read Lathrop's post here.


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