In Christ... you are loved by the Father

Christian. What does that name even mean? Don't answer that. The truth is, we could come up with a number of answers. Some would center around a political mentality or church attendance. Some may more  truthfully define the word as those that believe in Jesus, that he is God himself who lived a perfect life, sacrificed himself to cover sin and rose from the dead to give new life. This answer would be beautifully true. But here I want to define that word as someone united with, or in Christ.

Upon belief, our union with Christ is the defining reality of a Christian. It changes our status, it give us privilege beyond our imaginations and secures us beyond our own stupidity. In the coming weeks I will be sharing, with random regularity, some brief thoughts on what it means to be "in Christ" as reveal in the Bible. Today we embrace the truth that in Christ we are loved by the Father as he loves the Son.

Praying for his disciples (and us) before his death, Jesus says this in John 17:23, "I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me."

If you are in Christ, God loves you just as he loves Jesus. Hear this: God, the creator of the universe, the holy and perfect One, love you like he loves the Son he has been in unity with from eternity. In this love, we can love each other, which reveal Jesus to the world.

Ever feel unloved? We have no idea how lavishly we are loved by the Father. So loved, that he would send his Son to cover us and reconcile us to himself. This is no momentary, flirty kind of love. This is blood and flesh love. This is the ultimate of love. And it is yours in Jesus. As you turn from your rebellion and believe in Jesus, you are loved. This is walking on sunshine. This is being a room without a roof. This is being happy!

Beloved, you, in Christ, are loved by the Father as he loves the Son. Let that soak in and change your life.


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