Replanting and Revitalization

I am looking forward to the forthcoming book from Darrin Patrick and Mark DeVine called Replant: How a Dying Church Can Grow Again. It is the story of one church in Kansas City that was "replanted" with an emphasis on the gospel and new life in Christ. "Replant describes the story of a church resurrection, a story that offers a multitude of divinely inspired, and practical possibilities for church planters. The result is a harvest of inspiring ideas on how to inspire new church growth. Discover a new openness to churches merging with other congregations, changing leadership, and harvesting fresh spiritual fruit—inviting us all to re-think how churches not only survive, but thrive."

The church, Redeemer Fellowship is celebrating its fifth year.


That sounds so appealing to me!

In a church/seminary/evangelical culture that has recently so valued new church planting, perhaps we have lost an emphasis on church revitalization and replanting. To witness and be part of the revitalization of a church with a legacy of kingdom influence seems far more appealing to me than parachuting into a community and starting a new work. The reality is we need both. We need planter that are visionary and build expressions of the church where there are none. We need leaders to work tirelessly to shepherd a church to health and vibrancy. We need pastors geared to take healthy older church to the next level and season of influence for the kingdom. And this is not only as an individual level but other churches can support this type of work as well.

How might you move forward in kingdom participation? My prayer is that we will see more replanters be discipled and sent out.


HT: Darrin Patrick


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