This weekend I will graduate from Western Seminary. It has been a four-year, thirty plus thousand dollar experience. I have been a full-time student on campus and have been a full-time pastor doing classes part-time off campus. I have made great friendships. I have learned to read the Bible rightly. I have dreaded tests and felt the relief of the end of a semester. And it all has been enriching and worthwhile.

Graduation brings a season to an end. That is life, isn't it. Transitions. The close of one adventure and the anticipation of the next one. I love how God uses transitions to draw us closer to him and to trust him. Because while many transitions are fun or beneficial from our perspective, not all of them are. At times it can feel quite chaotic and we feel like a boat tossed about on rough water. But we have an anchor for our souls, an anchor for life. We know the One that holds the chaos in his hand.

Who knows what the next adventure will be. I know that without paper deadlines and required reading I will spend more time wrestling my kids and challenging my wife to sprint races (she thinks she is so fast...) I know that I will keep preaching Jesus and nothing else in our young adult ministry. I know I will pray for and help equip other pastors and leaders. And I will trust in the maker of transitions.


  1. Congratulations, friend. I'm glad to have caught your friendship before your time out/up there.


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