Performance Reviews

It is that time of year. Time to review what the accomplishments and missteps of the last year. Yes, even church that are firmly committed to grace do yearly reviews. As I prepare to finish the review of the poor guy that reports to me, and weigh in on all of our staff evals, I am thinking that it would be best to give everyone the same review.

I know that sounds strange and I doubt I could get the rest of our leadership to go along with me. After all, not everyone really performed the same... right? So if I could rate everyone the same and give them all the same comment, what would it be?

"Exceptional. We have no confidence in your ability but we have full confidence in Jesus in you. Rely on him more next year and you might be surprised by what happens."

Silly right? Well maybe not. It is the message of grace after all. It is what my wife has to say to me (and herself) to have hope in our future. And it is the only hope the church has to offer a hurting and broken world. Jesus performs on your behalf and in the Father's eyes you rate as perfect, exceptional, well done.

This truth changes everything. It is the fuel of our effort. It is the comfort in pain and struggle. It is the place of correction and change. It is our rest.

So team, sorry you won't all get this on your performance review, but know that it is true. We like you. We think you are gifted. We even love you, but our confidence and your identity are squarely in Jesus. That is good news. Enjoy it.


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