Leading by choosing what is right

"Let us choose what is right; let us know among ourselves what is good." Job 34:4

The book of Job has a lot from which we can learn. God's sovereignty. Suffering. Comforting the afflicted. Wisdom. And even a few clues on how to live and lead.

The words above are from Elihu. The youngest of the group counseling Job and the only one not corrected by The Lord. While we could camp on the piece of the story where those boasting in their "wisdom" actually have none and it is the young man that speaks truth, instead let's look at how these words give us great guidance for life and leading.

Choose what is right and know what is good. Seems easy enough. But we know it is harder done. Thankfully we have grace given to us through the work of Jesus when we mess things up, but we are still to pursue what is good in all situations. Not what is expedient or even expected, but what is good.

How would this change how we lead? Our families? Our ministries? In our relationships? For me, as a member of our church's leadership team, I know that I want to be able to say that as leaders we have chosen what is right and know ourselves what is good and glorifying to God.

Beyond ministry it also impacts how I relate to everyone around me. In Christ I have been made new and empowered to actually know and choose good. It is still a battle when the easy opportunity for cynicism or judgment arises. Or when I am selfish and demanding of those I am in relationship with.

I am thankful for Elihu's reminder. The young among us can be so wise! But I am that much more thankful for Jesus' declaration that "it is finished." My attempts at being good can result in self-righteousness and pride or I just plain miss what is good. But my position is secure. My promise is guaranteed. And it is from that place that I, and you, can choose what is right and know good.


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