The Truest Thing About You

Key among the devastation of a broken and hurting world is mass identity confusion. But it is not only a problem for those without faith; those in the church can be just as confused about who they are and what defines them. David Lomas has given a call to those that follow Jesus to realize and trust in their identity in Christ that is well worth a read. The Truest Thing About You should drive us that call Jesus savior, to celebrate and be emboldened to live fully from our identity in him.

Approved, claimed, righteous, holy; we are his. Jesus has worked to establish relationship with us and it is from this relationship that we work out, actually, live out who we are.

Lomas does a masterful job of presenting the important reality of our true identity in Christ - the thing that is truest about us. It is not the things we do or the desires we have that define us but instead the gospel truth of our standing in Jesus that gives us identity.

The book is a quick and comforting read and Lomas has a knack for unpacking the depth of truth that is the Christians identity. He does wrestle with the sanctification tension - does God change us or do we work to change. For Lomas it is God doing the changing and the Christian living out, working out who they are. I would prefer more emphasis on the love of Christ driving our identity and empowering our living but I think Lomas has faithful and personally wrestled well with the tension.

This book may open your eyes on your identity in Christ and give you a new freedom to rest and trust in Christ's claim of approval over you. Here are a few selected quotes from the book:

"When we trust in Christ, and take hold of that identity, our actions begin to happen naturally—or supernaturally."

"When you come to Christ, no matter the shape of your desires, you are given a new identity. You are hidden with Christ, and you are the beloved of God. Period. That’s the label that supersedes all others."

"Here’s the good news of all good news: our identity is the same as Jesus’! Beloved. Child of God. In whom God is well pleased."

"The basis of our new identity in Jesus is love—God’s love and the love demonstrated by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection."

"As soon as we understand that it’s not what we do that primarily matters in our relationship with God, but who we already are in Christ, we can hardly believe it."

"when we confuse indicatives with imperatives, we sabotage our ability to live in our new identities."

"We simply cannot become who we should be. It’s impossible. The only thing we can become is who we are."

"Does God love it when we’re righteous? Absolutely. But we’re only righteous when we’re covered by the righteousness that Jesus gives us—and never righteous on our own."



  1. amen, summing earnest contention for the faith once for all handed down to the saints.. trust and obey (Jesus and His every word!)


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