In Need of Refreshment

"With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." Isaiah 12:3

It is hot around these parts. Tuesday it was 106, 105 yesterday. Don't worry about us too much, a cool down is coming tomorrow; 99. But in all this heat I am finding myself more thirsty. This is not profound. It is just the reality of living in an arid climate on a hot day. I need refreshment that hydration brings.

Same thing in my walk with Jesus. Things get hot. I get distracted and end up looking for refreshment in places other than Jesus. But in drinking from these other wells I only thirst more and end up weak. Thankfully, it is not my strength that I rely on. And as Isaiah declares in chapter 12 of his prophetic book, it is the Lord that is my strength and song.

Because of Jesus and my union with him, I am empowered to live, to pursue him and to give his refreshing hope to others. I don't need to approval of others, I don't need people to recognize my gifting or ability. Jesus has sung over me his approval and lavished his righteousness on this broken man. That is more than enough. In his strength I live. If you are in Christ, in his strength, you live, you have hope and a purpose.

Not only is he our strength, he is also our song. Catch this. Jesus is our joy. It is him that we sing.

With joy we draw refreshment from the well of Jesus, the living water. With unrestrained excitement we can face life with a song because of our salvation and hope in Jesus.

I like this. I hope you do to.


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