Invited In


Yesterday, Iona, my four-year-old daughter, asked me to help her with the dvd player in her playroom. The dvds she plays are far too scratched and the tv-player combo too old for anything to work just right. But she wanted to watch a show so we set out to find a disc that would work.

As we put in the Fraggle Rock dvd I mentioned to her how I bought this dvd less for her and more for me as I enjoyed the show as a kid. In that moment Iona turned to me and said in the sweetest voice, "do you want to stay here and watch it with me?" I said yes and we enjoyed at least 30 minutes of the show before more exciting things called us out of the playroom.

It was a sweet time with my daughter and probably that much sweeter because she invited me to join her. To be with her in her space.

As I thought about it, I found myself thanking God for this example of his fatherly love for us. This is what he desires; to spend time with us, invited in.

Jesus made it all possible. That we could even stand before a perfectly holy God and be seen as children is a result of Christ's work on the cross. But even on the other end of that work we have a hard time inviting our Father to be present with us. We set up times appropriate for his presence (church, Sundays only, or during my quiet time). And we miss the sweetness of it all.

Life is more than Fraggle Rock, but our Father desires to be with us - he even made a way for it to be possible. Let's invite him in.


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