The Provision of Christ

Reading through the story of Jairus' daughter in Luke 8 this morning. What stands out to me? Jesus says "Child, arise" and the little girl's "spirit returned and she got up at once." Then this: "And he directed that something should be given her to eat."

Miraculous life-giving. A salvation of sorts. But he doesn't stop there. He is concerned that she will be hungry. He instructs the family to feed the poor thing.

I love this about Jesus. He cares about provision. You have seen it in feeding a bunch of other people. In healing. And ultimately in providing himself in our place on the cross. But even after our justification is accomplished in his resurrection, he gives the Spirit, because he knows we will be hungry and need constant nourishment.

Jesus as the grace of God is not a one time deal. You don't claim belief in him and then set out to work to earn a better seat at the wedding feast. Jesus and his work for us is our constant provision. Each and every day. He is interceding for us and the Spirit is reminding us of the finished work of Christ. Even when we don't realize we are hungry.

If you are like me, you spend a lot of days hungry. Not for food but for spiritual sustenance. For the gospel. For approval, acceptance and the love of God. You feel it in the pangs of loneliness and the temptations you face. But Jesus, he provides. He knows that even after his miraculous provision of healing, saving, we need more. More of him, more from him. And he provides.


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