We are moving to San Diego!

Today the congregation of Grace Church North County in San Diego, CA affirmed my nomination to serve as their pastor. Stacy and I have been greatly encouraged through the several months leading up to this day and we look forward to doing life with an amazing group of people and to constantly proclaim the glory of Christ.

The last three years at Bethel Church in the Tri-Cities has truly been the best years of our lives as we made life-long friends and shared the truly good news of Jesus and his accomplished work among people who preached the same right back to us. While it is never easy to say good-bye, we know that God has a great plan for his glory in Richland and San Diego.

There is a lot to do as we look to move (join us in praying that our house sells quickly) and we promise there will be plenty of opportunities to get a few more hugs before we go.


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