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The Ground of Our Joy

"... it is evident what Christ brings to us, namely, a full and perfect joy, of which we cannot in any way be robbed or deprived, though various storms and tempests should arise, and though we should be weighed down by every kind of afflictions. However weak and feeble we may be, still we ought to be glad and joyful; for the ground of our joy does not lie in numbers, or wealth, or outward splendour, but in spiritual happiness, which we obtain through the word of Christ." -  Calvin on Isaiah 9:3. 

Now What?

A pastor friend of mine asked me last week, "now what?" He was referring to what will I do now, that I am a lead pastor. He joked that becoming a pastor to a new church is like the dog that spends its life chasing tires, once he catches one, he isn't sure what to do with it! Thankfully, the life of a church is much different from a dog barking at cars. Our family has a little motto we throw around when things get interesting; "to the adventure!" The church's motto must be, "to the exaltation of Jesus and exultation in him." That is our answer to "what now?" We will live life among a wonderful group of saints, exalting Christ and enjoying him. At every turn we will pray that the Lord would bring us together as family and that he would be glorified. So as we unpack and start life in Escondido and at Grace Church North County, "To the adventure of exalting Jesus and exulting in him!"

An Empty Office, A Full Heart

As I pack boxes of books and take my children's art projects off the walls in preparation for the move to San Diego and a new ministry, the office is empty but my heart is full. I remember the first time I entered the office, it was empty then too. I wasn't quite sure what needed to be done or what was expected. Eventually the office was filled with art, books and memories of hard conversations, tears, laughter and expectancy. As I mentioned on Sunday to the congregation of Bethel church, it has been a joy to be surrounded by such a wonderful staff of servant ministers. They work hard, care deeply and love Jesus. Their passion for people and their ministries often has to overcome difficult situations and they live in community with each other with such grace. "They will know you by how you love each other." I love this staff. I will miss them.