_________ Things in 2015!

I missed the rush of end of year posts closing out 2014. I thought about it. After all 2014 was a significant year for me and the family. We moved to California to be part of Grace Church North County. Ewen turned two. Iona turned five. Stacy and I... let's just say we got older. There were tearful goodbyes and warm hellos. There was really so much life in 2014 that it would have been exhausting just writing it, let alone reading it. Plus, Ecclesiastes was doing a number on my brain so I decided against a year-end post.

Then came the barrage of new year posts and the excitement for all that 2015 would hold. Gone were the protests and violence of 2014 and in comes the peace and expectancy of the new year. This is the year that so many people are going to do huge things, run that marathon, write that book, finally get married, go back to grad school or start having children.

As I thought about it though, as much as I enjoy the expectant posture of so many people (and I share a great deal of anticipation for the new year) I wondered if instead of "Big" things in 2015 I rather have "Small" things.

Daily evidences of God's grace in my life. Faithful, week in and out preaching of the gospel. The slow work of building relationships to last. Cherishing my wife and children in the good moments and the messy ones. Reaching out to old friends. Running around the block. Little fits of laughter. Little fits of tears. Lots of little hugs. Simple meals. Singing. Reading fiction (in small chunks.) Smallish glasses of good wine.

Sure, there might be some huge things in 2015. But I don't want to over promise.

I do know this; more than ever I am aware of the radical, earth-shattering, unadulterated grace of the gospel of Jesus. And that friends, is huge. Let's run into that together in 2015. Are you up for it?


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